Saturday, March 07, 2009

Splash Park

The Splash Park at the newly renovated Sembawang Shopping Centre has just opened and I asked Serene to join us for some splashing fun!

It was also a good excuse for us to check out any new stuff at Daiso.

The kids had so much fun in just 30-40mins and we will definitely go there again.

The Splash Park is open everyday as it is just next to a playground.
But waterplay is only available Mon-Fri, 12-2pm and 6-8pm, Sat/Sun & PH is on from 11-2pm and 5-8pm.
See my little man? So unhappy and impatient when I asked him to wait for Estelle. He also refused to wear his top.
The second I say, "ok, let's go!" Kimi was there in a shot! Look at how excited and happy he was!
I love this buckets - once they are full, they fall on you full-load, so fun! But Kimi is terrified of them and I don't know why ...
The only decent pix of them playing together
Water - still his all-time favourite!
The Splash Park
I love this spinning flower "water-gun" and misty tunnel but Kimi didn't want to go through it. But I'm sure he will eventually.
Washed and cleaned but very very tired babes cos it was WAY past their nap time!



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