Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bento #27 - Flower & Butterfly

Cherry apple cut in blossom shape and inserted with another papaya blossom cut-out. Then interchange both for constrasts. Kiwi-berries for stems and kueh bahlu with a ham butterfly cut-out.

After a long break, need a simple bento to kick-start my engine! Keke! Here's a simple & fast one with lots of fruits for Kimi. Saw these really fresh Kueh Bahlu at a bakery yesterday and bought for Kimi as he likes them!

Tools I used today :-
  • Blossom nested cutter from Wilton (from my baking days!)
  • Butterfly & blossom veg cutter from Daiso
  • Straw (for butterfly's tiny holes-from Mac's)

Tip - If you are using a nested cutter, skip 1 cutter for best results, eg if using size no.1, then use no.3 for the larger cut so that there is a good contrast. Do not use the next size up, meaning size 1 & 2 as that will mean cuttiing the object too close


Ellena said...

wow..tona, it's good to have you and your bento back again in action..... :)

tona-mama said...

haha!! ya, wat a long break n i feel so rusty leh n a bit like mental block! Keke!


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