Saturday, March 07, 2009

PJ Night - Milk & Cookies By Act 3

It was a pyjamas night by Act 3. Kids go in their PJs hugging teddy bears and lugging blankets and all. It was a cute concecpt but REALLY did not like the idea of moving from 1 location to another. All in all, we moved 4 times!

Guess it was to keep the kids' attention in tact and to make it 'different'. But, we have kids that are 2 and I'd rather stay in the same place or at least just move once.

Despite moving like gypsies, to keep the spirit and excitement high, the play itself was 'passable' only. In fact, I was rather disappointed. The last area was by the lawn where packets of milk and cookies were given out to the kids!
The last performance by the lawn where this guy had a puppet possum and an imaginary flea that performed in a circus! Kimi having his first taste of packet milk - he did not finish and didn't really like it
Kimi holding Estelle's hands! See even Serene was 'kan cheong' to snap a pix of them together!
I asked Kimi to hold Desiree's hands but she was shy!
These loving sweeties!



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