Monday, March 30, 2009

Bento #34 - Elephants

Elephant cut out from steamed cake and decorated with nori, rose apples & yogurt

We have been going to the zoo the past week and seeing elephants, elephants cos that's what Kimi wanted to see only.

So, there, that's my inspiration for today's breakfast. Kimi has not been eating well the past few weeks and hb has said maybe I should stop bento-ing and maybe Kimi just liked his food 'un-cutesy'. I don't know. I'm in a dilemma now. Should I continue or stop or resume when he is older?

Frankly, I really enjoy making bentos for him and he always exclaims happily when he sees them but .... that doesn't mean he will FINISH them.

Well, let me think and pray about it. :)


javapot said...

I suppose kids go through phases. Perhaps you can try some days cutesy but continue and pack the cutesy ones for dh or yourself!! he he

tona-mama said...

Java-tks for your encouragement and advice, really needed them! Think what you suggested is a good idea! :)

Pack for hb? Hee, no lah, he doesnt care for food like this - food is just food to him and half the time he is not in town.


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