Tuesday, March 03, 2009

New Bento Tools!

Sorry folks, am uploading my new bento loot from HKG rather than the holiday shots. Will do that soon.

Anyhow, very happy I got most of the things I ordered EXCEPT the 2 most important ones which are the wheel cutters!!! Eeew! Never mind, hope I can get my hands on them soon!

I don't know if my collection is considered alot - cos they are some bento-ing mummies who have more than me! I should like to think I have a decent collection,

And, yes, I will try to collate and showcase my collection when I have more time to do that since quite a number of readers have been asking for it.

3 lunch boxes I have been wanting to get - Shinkansen, Tomica and my personal favourite - MyMelody! Of cos, I don't care lah, some days just use it for Kimi, keke!
Clockwise fr left - Tomica bread cutter & imprint, 4-in-1 cookie/bread cutter with imprint that is in the shape of bus, ship, airplane & car (love this set!), fish & car egg mould (have been waiting for so long to get this!), Tomica vegetable cutter/imprint
Alphabet cutter, nori face punch
Animal face shape rice separator (can oso cut shapes), Mickey Mouse face cutters
Vegetable face cutters, bear/bunny cutters, animal picks
Angel nori punch (2 others more but forgot to take pix - frog & airplane), sausage cutters

So, that's all I bought - not really alot la hor?


Sheryn said...


I saw that you got the fish egg mould, alphabets cutter. Can share with me where to get those from?


Mommy Mash said...

wah!!! hope one day i can established a decent collection too..haha..

are they ex in HKG??

arggghh...must make a trip to daiso soon!! so i can start with the basic ones..haha

Anonymous said...

wah.. i go hongkong, u also go hongkong. u bought so many.. and i bought.. NONE?
haiz.. cannot make it lah me.. :P


tona-mama said...

Sheryn - I got them from Cake DIY in HKG. U can ck their website by the same name.

Mash - Ya, I oso start my basics from Daiso and slowly move to buy more 'sophisticated' ones as time goes by. You sure can get such a collection cos frankly hor, it is VERY addictive to buy thest tools! :) HKG pricing almost same as Japan.

Astro - no lah, not avail in shops only in the specialty shop so how u can see? Keke! Mayb u eyeing other things?? Haha!

Lazyg3r said...

You very bad leh....!! Haha...
I wish I can get my hands on some of the items you have. Hehe..

tona-mama said...

Ju, I missed the BP u participated cos I wanted some of the picks. Apparently, the Cake DIY lady told me she having BP soon. I wanna order some of the picks! :) Which one u ogling at? Wuhaha!

Lazyg3r said...

The Tomica car series!!! I ordered the Tomica car bento box during the previous spree, but it was oss!!

Ohh, goody!! Another BP soon?? Buzz me if you know the BP has started, k??? hehe....

Sheryn said...


Thanks for ur reply. I just saw the cakediy website, do you mean you went to their cakediy shop in hk to buy directly from them?


littlemissorange said...

hi, wonder if you will get to read this comment since this is posted sometime ago:) I would like to find out about your HK purchase. Where is the shop exactly? or is there is shop in the first place? I'm going HK and so would like to pay the shop a visit . Hope you can share the info :)

tona-mama said...

Hi littlemissorange,

I did share above that it is from cake DIY. You can check out their website.


It's a shop but in an industrial area/building.

It is actually rather easy to locate. U will need to take the MTR.

Check their website for more details. Hope you will be able to get the things you need. :)


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