Friday, March 06, 2009

Picnic Fun

We had so much fun today! Everyone agreed how wonderful it was to be having our dinners in an open field and just being so near to nature!

I arrived early, at 5.15pm and darn, the sun was still so high & hot and no flying planes in sight! How? Shall we go to another spot? We decided to just deck it out here. Then soon, 1 flyer came and we found a shady spot. And then, it became nice & windy but was also threatening to rain.

I quickly asked Kimi to pray to the Lord to let us have a nice picnic time and to hold the rain. Praise The Lord!

Hey, even the very-difficult-to-invite Aunty Sharon joined us a a little while. Kimi and Estelle had such good time that Estelle didn't want to go home in Mummy Serene's car! Haha!

We will definitely have another picnic soon!
Our dinner all packed nicely
Tada! Our simple fried rice dinner. Kimi had cherry apples and chiku for dessert. I love these cherry apples cos they are so sweet and crispy but mostly cos it is so small in size that is PERFECT for little hands and appetite!
Sorry ladies! My only pix and no one is looking tops! Jus want to document down lah! Keke!
Sweet Estelle and happy Serene - look how Serene is beaming with pride cos I asked Estelle to pose and she did! Look at Kimi's 'buay song' face! Wuhaha!
I love to take Kimi running cos he always looks so happy and free!
The kids having fun stomping mud & mimosa
Awwww!! What a sweet pix ya? 2 cuties! My favourite pix!
The 2 good friends playing 'choo-choo-train'



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