Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bento #28 - Kids Kampong

Animals Kimi will meet later - bunny, chicken and fish. All made from cheese, ham and crab stick for fish, nori for facial cut-out and carrot for chicken's beak (this character not too alike as my skills not there yet, must try again!:). All cute details sitting on raisin french toast, chiku cut in blossom, shape, strawberries & kiwi-berries

Today is Kimi's first excursion and the school is bringing them to Kids Kampong at Pasir Ris. Remember, when I brought Kimi and Estelle there last year? I got a shock when I looked back at the pix cos they have grown soooo much!!!

Two days before, I have been telling and reminding Kimi of this place, so this breakfast bento is a 'warm-up' for him to anticipate what he will be seeing later!

Tools I used :-
  • Various cutters
  • Carl cutters
  • Shoe cutter
  • Fish & blossom veg cutter from Daiso
I used the red cutter for the bunny's face as the yellow one a bit big, then I used the yellow one to cut out the ham part for the bunny's ears (trimming some away as too big) and then the oval from the green cutter for the chick's beak. Oops, I left out a square cutter from Daiso for the french toast! Keke!

Various nori punchers to get facial details. I used the mouth from the pink cutter for the chick's feet and crown. Dog print punch for bunny's eyes, straw for bunny nose area, the oval shape is for the chick's body. I like using various straw sizes cos just need a small section and can throw away after using - lazy me! Wuhaha!


javapot said...

I like this bento very much, well done.

tona-mama said...

Hi Javapot, tks! :)


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