Friday, March 27, 2009


These days Kimi is getting more and more demanding. Not sure cos I 'pamper' him too much or...?

Recently, I bought some really sweet & crunchy grapes that need no peeling of the skin cos eating with the skin on is not bitter nor leaves an awful aftertaste. So, I told hb let's not peel the grapes and offer it wholesale to Kimi. This was how the conversation went :-

Me to hb : Papa, no need to peel the grapes, just give it to him like that. (think Kimi heard our conversation)

Me & hb : Kimi, come have some grapes. Very nice, sweet sweet. Come, come try.

Kimi walked over, looked at the grapes and screamed : NOOOO! (pause a few sec) P-E-E-E-E-E-E-L !!!

Me & hb : *faint!* (burst out laughing cos never expected he could be so deamnding and even knew what PEEL was!)


javapot said...

Kimi is such a cute and smart boy.
Funny I was just commenting with another blogger whether we are pampering our kids too much as I also tend to peel the skin of the grapes too for my son.

tona-mama said...

Java - Hee, tks! :) Ya lor, u see Amy's kids? They just eat grapes & all... my son... everything do 'sui-sui' for him.. don know too overdo for him or not..think we must slowly train them hor? :)

John Socrates Loyola said...

Fantastic! I had fun reading. Thanks. looking forward for more. Oh how I really love grapes, it does always boost my interest. I could share you a link that could give you reliable information about grapes and grape growing:

tona-mama said...

John - Tks and will check out the link!


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